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my review of A Little Too Broken by Brad Vance

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A Little Too Broken

A Little Too Broken by [Vance, Brad]


When Jamie walks through the door of the Humane Society, it’s not just an animal who needs rescuing that day. Tom is there to adopt another service dog into the Canine Comrade Corps, but it’s Jamie his heart goes out to. But each man turns away, walks away, from the potential pain, the rejection, the knowledge that it’ll all end in tears…

Jamie knows damn well that the HIV he contracted from an unfaithful lover has put him out of the dating game forever in the small town of Santa Vera. Tom lost his legs in Afghanistan, and got new ones, yeah, but with a side order of PTSD to go, he thought grimly. The real problem is that only now does he realize he’s gay, now that the revelation would be just one too many things to put his family through, after everything else they’ve had to deal with. 

So both men grin and bear the loneliness, put their feelings on a shelf, even as Jamie’s volunteer stint at CCC turns into friendship and, despite their resolve, something more…
Tom saw Jamie’s smile. He’s totally relaxed about this. You’re getting there. This is going to work out, this is going to be a friendship. I need this. To be with normals again, people who aren’t…

Well, the fact was that Jamie wasn’t normal, was he? The fact that he had been through what he’d been through, in Tom’s mind put him on Tom’s side of the world, on the island of broken toys. Someone who could understand, who wasn’t one of them, the ones living a life oblivious to suffering, illness, pain. 

It’s too bad, Jamie thought calmly. If only I didn’t have the bug, I could do this, I could…well, at least fantasize realistically about this becoming something. People liked it when you were just a little broken, he knew from experience. It lets them think that you’re not so unattainable, gives them the confidence to make a move. Then, they can fix you, be the one to un-break you, so they get to have it all, get the perfect lover in the end by coming to it through the side door.

Yeah, he smirked. But they don’t want you when you’re just a little too broken, just a little bit beyond where you can be repaired back into perfection, their reward for accepting those lesser flaws for a while. Some things stay broken, and nobody wants that.



Imagine your life is altered and now you aren't like everyone else.  Imagine you think that happiness and love will never happen for you because of these differences.  Sometimes how we think the world sees us isn't necessarily how we are viewed by society and disabilities aren't always limitations.  sometimes we are our own worse enemies.   Jamie and Tom both have horrible self esteem issues because life has given them a bad hand.  Tom fought for his country and his award for that was the loss of his legs.  This kind and gentle man battles so many demons and cant seem to get out of his negative thoughts and allow himself to feel at peace with himself.   Jamie contracted HIV from someone he never should have trusted.  Jamie has a huge a heart and his job is to help people get on with the business of living in spite of having a terrible disease but he somehow thinks HIV makes him tainted.  I loved this story and i'm  glad I one clicked this book.  Watching these two help each other learn that they are normal and that maybe they aren't as broken as they see themselves.  I found myself relating to Tom because like him I too am physically disabled and see myself as broken.  This story both broke and warmed my heart but also had a few moments that made me laugh.  There were moments where the pets in this story melted  my heart.   It's too bad people aren't like the animals in this book who never saw Jamie or Tom as broken but as their family.  We all deserve love and happiness but it's up to us to realize it and not let fear get in our way. 

Not only does Brad donate 50% proceeds from this book to LAVA and Puppies behind bars but he also has a kickstarter going to turn this heart warming story into a screenplay and he's hopping a few generous readers might be willing to donate a few bucks to help him achieve this goal. Below is the link where you with find more information on the campaign.


Brad Vance

Brad Vance writes romance, erotica and paranormal stories and novels, including the breakout hits "A Little Too Broken" and "Given the Circumstances."


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my review of Last Winters Snow by Hans Hirschi

Last Winters Snow
❆❆release date is April 6 2017❆❆
Last Winter's Snow by [Hirschi, Hans M]


This is the story of Nilas and how he navigates life, trying to reconcile being gay as well as being Sami. Set over several decades, we follow Nilas and his Swedish husband Casper, as they build a life amid the shallows of bigotry, discrimination, and the onset of the AIDS crisis.
Last Winter’s Snow portrays recent LGBT history from a Swedish perspective, from the days when being gay was considered a “mental disorder” to today’s modern anti-discrimination legislation and the move toward equality. It’s also the story of one couple and the ups and downs of everyday life in the face of changing rules and attitudes toward them and their relationship.

Last, not least, it’s a book that celebrates the rich history and culture of the Sami and their land, SΓ‘pmi, as well as their ongoing struggle to achieve recognition and win back the right to self-determination over lands they’ve lived on for thousands of years.

Last Winter’s Snow is Hans M Hirschi’s first novel set almost entirely in Sweden, but it is the second time (after Fallen Angels of Karnataka) he takes his readers on a journey into the mountainous regions of Scandinavia in one of his acclaimed novels.

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 I've read a lot of books by Hans Hirschi. You might even say he's one of my favorite authors.  Each story is a journey into the lives of characters who courageously battle not only their own issues but also the world that isn't always accepting of people who fall outside the box.  The characters he writes about are strong, compassionate and independent. Characters who refuse to be anything but who hey are despite what people think .  They embrace the good and the bad while trying to understand those who may not try to understand them. These are the kind of characters that make you want to be a better person.
     In Last Winter's Snow, we are given a glimpse into the likes of Sweden's native people who are known as Sami.  This story will also take you back in time to when HIV/AIDS made it's ugly presence and struck fear of the unknown into the lives of everyone, mostly against the LGBTQ community.  This story centers around Nilas and Casper as they tackle the normal ups and downs of a relationship as well as the prejudices of the world around them. The journey begins with a chance encounter at a bar where a conversation leads to the first steps of a friendship and attraction that quickly turns into a love which builds with each passing day.  The love and commitment they have for each other is so strong that even Casper's narrow minded family, who abandoned him when he comes out, couldn't break.  Nilas' sami family who are strong people that have had to deal with their own set of prejudices, embrace there son. Even despite the fact that the Sami community as a whole does not approve of people being gay. They even become the family Casper lost.  Casper is the example we should live up to where it comes to patience, compassion and concern. 
    I think what made this book great was for me was that it taught me about the Sami people (who I never knew existed) and had me searching out more information on this beautiful group of people who's way of life is threatened each and everyday.  Even though I was around during the 80's, I was very young so I  wasn't aware of just how things were when HIV/AIDS first made its appearance. I looked up whatever information I could on that subject too. Between reading Last Winter's Snow and my own research, I came away with a little more knowledge, a little bit of sadness but most of all I came away with a sense of hope. 
    In the end no matter how far we go or how much pain we go through,  home is always there for you and the people who love you  unconditionally can fix the cracks we develop throughout the journey we call life. 


Hans M. Hirschi

Hans Martin Hirschi (b. 1967) has been writing stories ever since he was a child. Adulthood and the demands of corporate life efficiently put an end to his fictional writing for over twenty years. A global executive in training and channel development, Hans has traveled the world and published a couple of non-fictional titles. The birth of his son and the subsequent parental leave provided him with a much needed breathing hole and the opportunity to once again unleash his creative writing.

Having little influence over his brain's creative workings, he simply indulges it and goes with the flow. However, the deep passion for a better world, for love and tolerance are a red thread throughout both his creative and non-fictional work.

Hans lives with his husband, son and pets on a small island off the west coast of Sweden.




TWITTER: @Hans_Hirschi

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My review for Expectation by Holly Mortimer

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Expectation (The Murphy's Law Series - Book 2) by [Mortimer, Holly]



I’m a doctor. Not just any doctor. I’m an OB/GYN, so I know my way around the female anatomy. It goes without saying, I’m pretty comfortable around women. That is, until one particular bespectacled beauty makes me incredibly uncomfortable. And suddenly, I’ve got no clue whatsoever what to do about this particular woman.
I did it. I had a one night stand and now all the warnings my momma gave me are coming true. I’m pregnant and he’s not really into relationships, let alone the instant family kind. So, I’m going it alone in Ireland, a country I’ve only just moved to, and ready to be a single mother, until my search for a doctor leads me right back to him. 

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This story begins with a hot one night stand between a nerdy librarian and a hot doctor.   A cheesey pick up line was all it took for Gray to throw caution to the wind. The chemistry between Aiden and Gray is off the charts but both of them try to deny their attraction to each other.  Aiden is one of the top OB/GYN and every girl's dream boyfriend.  Aiden is a sexy nice guy whose family means the world to him but he has commitment issues so he fills his nights with a long line of one night stands.  He's protective and has a heart of gold. Gray is this smart librarian who doesn't see herself as anything special.  She's a strong independent woman who would rather fill her nights with a book than a warm body.    I had a lot of fun reading this story.  The characters were fun and made me laugh.   This book will have you going through a wide range of emotions and there are parts that will leave you on the edge of your seat unwilling to put your kindle down.    I  highly recommend this story and I will definitely check out the rest of the books in this series 

Holly Mortimer

Holly Mortimer

Holly Mortimer is a wife and mother of two daughters, residing in Stratford, ON. She started writing in high school in an Ancient Egyptian History class, penning her first piece on Cleopatra and her many loves. Her teacher immediately asked her if she had any interest in writing soap operas when she graduated and dreams of being a romance writer were born.
She has just completed her fifth novel, Expectation and is currently working on book number six, Hacked, the fourth installment in the Murphy's Law Series.





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My review for Voices In The Dark By Jennifer Rose

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Voices In The Dark

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Strange how the mind behaves when there is nothing but darkness, but nothing is more menacing than what can come after the darkness.

Harley Cooper.

Handsome, confident, intelligent, excels at most everything he does and loves with a pure passion unlike anyone else. He’s slightly twisted, quiet, and withdrawn. You knew a hint of his past, a childhood that could be called anything but average, his life as mysterious as the smile on the Mona Lisa’s face. So you want to know more? The reason he is who he is?

This is Harley’s story.

Beware: Fictional content touching on the darker side of abuse, both physical and emotional. 

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This story is the back story of Harley from Unobtainable.   It takes you on a journey of how Harley's life all began.  Harley is a troubled guy who's soul is marked by years of pain caused by abuse. neglect and   feelings of being unwanted which is what led  him straight into the arms of Bruno. Bruno is a charmer and is use to getting what he wants and no is not an answer he takes well.  he wine dines and seduces Harley which has him thinking he has finally found love he never had.  This book will have you feeling like you are on a roller coaster of emotions and make you realize that abuse doesn't just happen for woman, men can be to and can equally affect them as just as much.    After I read Unobtainable I was interested in learning more about Harley and how he ended up being in an relationship   in the past that was abusive so when I heard Jennifer was doing it I was excited.  This story did not let me down and made me love Harley even more then I did.   This story touches on a subject rarely talked about and you watch Harley struggle with his comprehension of what is happening to him.  I cried a few tears as my heart broke for Harley as you will see that life was never easy for him. I highly recommend this book and unobtainable which is book 1 in the Eternity series. 

Jennifer Rose

Jennifer Rose author of The Pulse Series, in essence, eats, sleeps and breaths romance. Addicted to writing and reading romance novels, it’s hard to find her doing much else at her home in Ontario, Canada. She has a soft spot for Boston, Massachusetts and Paris, France and finds inspiration from each for her story telling. She vows one day to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower and share a kiss with a stranger, as well as spending a day in Boston Common in the spring time. Unashamedly, she enjoys the small things in life, like a glass of cheap wine and an assortment of fine chocolates…and romance.




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My Review For Mayhem by Autumn Sand

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Mayhem: A Twisted Hearts Love Story Book 2


Before he became Tony Delaney’s right-hand man, Tick lost his dreams of being happy. After ten years, he is still haunted by the sudden loss of his fiancΓ©e and unborn son. Going through life thinking he doesn’t deserve happiness, his nights become filled with endless one-night stands. That is until he rescues Cyma. As quickly as he saves her, she walks out of his life, disappearing into the crowded Manhattan street. Days later, he accidentally runs into her at a party and his attraction grows stronger.

Cyma’s hard life has been nothing but pain and sorrow. She labels the charismatic stranger who saved her as a knight in shining armor. A chance meeting days later and Tick turns her world upside down. She's scared to hold on to the fairy-tale dream of being with him, but she's even more afraid to let him go. 

Can these two somehow heal each other? Will their love survive all of the obstacles that are thrown their way?

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My Review

From the moment you open this book your hit with a story line that will surely break your heart.  From the beginning Dante (Trick)  learns the cruel twist of fate love can play on your heart.   Guilt is  heavy burden and Dante carries it so well. On the outside he is this strong, loyal and hot as sin guy who isn't afraid of anything but deep down inside he's a broken soul who thinks he already had his shot happily ever after so though he breathes each and every day he's not actually living.   Then one day he meets the beautiful Cyma who is also carrying  the weight of what life can cruelly throw your way.  She's a woman who is equally as broken as Dante but she has a huge reason why she cant wave the white flag and surrender.  Her daughter is her very reason for breathing and she needs her mommy to give it everything she has.   Dante and Cyma prove that you can never judge a person by what they do for a living, life isn't always fair and sometimes we make choices that don't meet societies views of what makes you a worthy person.   Never fear though this book will also have you smiling and laughing in between the tears, after all if a book can make you do these three things then it must be a great book right?   Autumn Sand's is a brand new author for me and I have to say she knocked this one out of the park and I cant wait to see what else she puts out.  Mayhem is a definite five star read and I  highly recommend you read it. I fell in love with these characters which had me on the edge of  my seat till the very end.


Autumn Sand

Autumn Sands was born and raised in New York City. Considering herself a true New Yorker in every way from the restaurants that she eats to the shoe fetish she has. Oh yes at one time Autumn has had a shoe collection of 300 and has the credit card statements to prove it. Other than shoe shopping she has various interests such as reading, writing, and traveling. Autumn has worked in the fashion industry for most of her adult life before pursuing writing. She is reluctant to call herself an author but considers herself a person who writes words that people just so happen to like to read. As you can tell Autumn has a sarcastic sense of humor and loves to make her friends laugh in all occasions. She enjoys a good glass of wine but her go to drink of choice is a Jack Daniels and coke with a twist of lime. None of those froufrou girlie drinks for her.






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Book release and my review for Saved By The Woodsman

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Saved by the Woodsman by [Cleveland, Eddie]


I turned my back on society, walked off the grid and never looked back. So, why can't I let her go?
Ashley represents everything I hate in society. 
A spoiled brat, a media princess, a woman who would rather record her life than live it. 
It’s people like her that are responsible for the bullshit on the internet, bullshit that cost the lives of everyone I’ve ever loved. 
But one taste of her makes me question how I could ever live in a world without her in it.

Sawyer offers me nothing more than a hard body and a warm bed. 
He’s just an escape from my humiliation and betrayal. He can never provide me the lifestyle that I worked so hard to obtain. 
Then why am I considering throwing away my fame and fans to hide away from the world that embraced me when no one else would?

SAVED BY THE WOODSMAN is a stand-alone, full-length romance with no cliff-hangers and an HEA. This book deals with a very sexy couple who are snowed in a cabin together. With no tv, internet or distractions. The steamy scenes in this one is enough to melt the ice trapping them in that cabin! What else can they do? Intended for an 18+ audience.








Saved By The Woodsman was so much fun to read and a definite  5 star read.   Sawyer and Ashley seemed different as day and night.   Ashley is this beautiful girl who has everything going for her except she doesn't see her worth.  She's so desperate to be liked and accepted that she is willing to  take the few scrapes her so called friends give her.  Her world was doomed from the day she was born.   Sawyer is a good looking  guy who is a virtual recluse due to tragic events in his past.   He has no friends and doesn't need or want them.    Societies views of him nearly broke him so for him less people in his life equals less heart ache.    Life has left scars and bruises that time has yet to heal either one of them.   Ashley's survival is dependent on how many likes her social media posts gets her.  Sawyer's survival  is dependent on how much wood he chops and the food he's able to catch .  Social Media can be fun place to meet people but it can also be a place where lies can be born and destroy a persons life.   One stupid judgement brings these two together and that's where the real fun begins.  Can these two ever find common ground or has their past just made them to Jaded? I Highly recommend you one click this book, Grab a drink and enjoy being snowed in.  πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯



If you’re looking for billionaires or shifters, you won’t find them here. Eddie writes what he knows: bad boys, hot sex and crazy love.



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Lab Romance: MM fiction by [Tanner, Brad]


David is a scientist based in Oxford, whose private life is almost as functional as the shelves in his lab. He knows what he needs (he learned it from a book), and everything seems to be in a perfect order in his life. He has good sex, his fair share of handsome dates, a former boyfriend who is always there, if he feels like going to London… not only that! He has a true friend he can always rely on, fun-loving colleagues, a great city at his feet, with all its splendour and vice, yet there is a glaring gap in his life. He’s missing IT. And it’s no other than IT comes right where he lives in the shape of a dashing Greek medic, Markos. They are attracted to each other immediately and can make a great couple, but he wouldn’t be David if he just went for it. He manages to put Markos off… then again and again, until finally it becomes clear that only the power of love can mend what was broken by mind.

'Lab Romance' is 36,000 word story in the MM romance genre with HEA ending.

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Brad Tanner did an amazing job with this story.    I had fun with these characters who are both hot and interesting.   Who knew that two guys who make research their life's work could have chemistry.  from the moment Markos and David laid eyes on each other they felt something but both of them are stubborn and deny what we all feel while reading this.  I really liked the character Frances. shes this feisty,  nosy woman who truly is the life of the party.  She loves  David and wants him to see that there's  more to life then test tubes and white jackets so she kinda pushes him outside of his comfort zone.   This book is perfect if your looking for something with passion, heartache, and two nerdy guys who are actually really cool.  I highly recommend this story which will have you rooting for love.

Brad Tanner

Brad grew up as a shy and studious person. He never realized he was gay until his late twenties. Perhaps he just kissed the wrong kind of men before that.

Brad doesn't rule out he might be an alien from Venus or a reincarnation of Leonardo. Of course, it must be someone great and gay and ahead of his time.

When he's not at work or writing, Brad loves cuddling up with a good book and a man, not necessarily in that order.

He lives in Oxford, UK.